Sparklemuffin: The Story of Fowler Webber

Cast Size – 10 principles, 18 smaller roles (can be easily combined or expanded)

Running Time – 45 minutes

Price – $150.00



This hilarious romp through the highs and lows of middle school features Fowler Webber,an 8th grade inventor who just doesn't fit in.  Born to a "perfect" family that fits the mold in every way, Fowler struggles with the quintessential questions "Who am I?" and "Where do I Belong?".  Luckily, his loyal gang of misfit friends (known as the "Cheese Cutters" due to an unfortunate 4th grade experience they can't seem to live down) are there to help cope with the other kids in school who seem to have it easier. These groups include the ultra-creative "Artistas", the cookie-cutter "Happy Hollys" and the uber-popular "Fabulas". Things seem pretty bleak for Fowler and his friends until the new girl, Swanson, moves to town and provides some new perspective on life in general.

Cast Info

The Cheese Cutters:

Fowler - their leader
Neptune - a space cadet
Rhubarb - hippie  chick
Finkelstein - angry, video-game playing boy
Weezer - a shy hypochondriac
Swanson - the new girl

The Fabulas:

Allegra - their leader
Troy - a sporty boy
Buck - Troy's best friend

The Artistas:

Erva - their leader

Happy Hollys:

Holly - their leader
Holly 2 - her sidekick, 2nd in command
Hollys 3-7 (the army of Hollys!)

Teachers and Parents:

Mr. Pencil - language arts teacher
Ms. Clay - wacky drama teacher
Miss Violet - english teacher
Mr. Webber
Mrs. Webber


Middle School areas (hallway, classrooms, Pep Rally - these can utilize the same set with minimal changes)
Fowler's House

Music and Sound

Upbeat music for montage (Scene 1) Tense music (Scene 1, part 2)
Little-kid music, like a child's piano or nursery rhyme song (Scene 3)
Bold, dramatic music for Artistas (Scene 6)
Joyful music for happy montage with Swanson (Scene 8)


"Best Son" trophy
A+ papers (3) 
Soccer ball
Backpacks & school supplies (as needed) 
Squiffy Bar
Fork cleaning invention
Whizzy Chips
Remote control
Gummy Puffs
Bottle w/ dropper
Hand sanitizer
Joke book
Cardigans (7)
Large, colorful scarves (2)
Sunglasses (7) 
Popcorn tubs (6) 
Halloween masks (6) 
Fizzy Pop drinks
Pink crowns (7)
Bag lunch
Pep rally posters
Sparklemuffin mascot