Sleeping Beauty (Sort of)

Cast Size – 10 principles, 16 smaller roles (can be easily combined or expanded)

Running Time – 45 minutes

Price – $150.00



The Wiggly Knots Semi-Professional Theatrical Troupe is trying their best to put on a show, but they just can't  seem to get their act together.  Their dramatic leader, Graciella VanShine, wants to direct the world's  greatest production of Sleeping Beauty (with the help of her eternally confused stage manager Roger) starring a rambunctious cast of actors who really know how to put the drama in the drama.   In this highly comedic "play within a play", your students will all play two roles (the actor and the character in "Sleeping Beauty").  Will this zany crew be able to pull off their production?  The answer is yes! (Sort of).

Cast Info

Main Roles:

Graciella VanShine, the Director
Roger, the Stage Manager
Raymond, the King
Annette, the Queen
Jessica, the Princess Rowena
Roxy Astrid, the Evil Fairy
Troy, the Prince
Sissy Fern, the Good Fairy
Francie Feather, the Good Fairy
Daphne Fluffemutter, the Good Fairy

Smaller Roles:

Fancy Pants Duchess
Fancy Pants Lady
Spoiled Lady Rotten
Ladies Prim, Proper, and Pickleface
Fairy Chorus/Woodland Animals


The theater space of a performance troupe
Note: This play was originally performed with a generic forest backdrop and some signs advertising the Wiggly Knots Theatre Troupe.  This kind of set can serve as a multi-location background for the various scenes.

Music and Sound

Fanfare (Scene 2) 
Drumroll (Scene 2)
Lively dance music (Scene 2)
Finale dance music (Scene 5)


Wiggly Knots Semi-Professional  Theatrical Troupe Sign & t-shirts (shirts can be optional) 
Bag of Oreo cookies
Baby doll
Party hat
Chinese restaurant menu
Steering wheels (assorted) 
Flower bouquet
Suitcases (2)
Cottage (can be a cardboard cutout of a house, taped together and looking as if it was made with trash) 
Glass of water
Sombreros (2)
Head bandage
Bowl of mac 'n cheese w/ spoon
Hand-held fans (2)