Mystery at Vonwrinkle Mansion

Cast Size – 13 principles, 8 smaller roles 

Running Time – 45 minutes

Price – $150.00



Set in the 1940's, this film noir-esque comedic thriller features Detective Don Underwood, a seasoned gumshoe, and his rookie partner, Lt. Laverne Shirley.  They're hot on the trail of a mysterious criminal, the crook who poisoned Gloria Vonwrinkle, the glamorous billionairess. There are a slew of suspects, including the beautiful (and clumsy) Hollywood movie star Norma Diamond, the happy go-lucky paperboy Jimmy O'Reilly, the silly Southern belle Cookie Van Creme, the grouchy French ChefLouis, the always hungry lounge singer Debbie Twinkle, and many more.  It's a nail-biting mystery that will have audience members on the edge of their seats (and rolling in the aisles).

Cast Info

Main Roles:

Detective Don Underwood
Lt. Laverne Shirley
Dottie Shortbread
Vickie Shortbread
Ma Shortbread
Pa Shortbread
Jimmy O'Reilly
Gloria Vonwrinkle
Stuart Buckle
Madame Spitshine
Chef Louis
Christopher P. Hornbuckle
Norma Diamond

Smaller Roles:

Olga Gluck
Debbie Twinkle
Cookie VanCreme
Buck Johnson
Professor Beulah Brown


Street (exterior)
Sewing Shop (interior)
Vonwrinkle Mansion (interior)

Music and Sound

Tango music (Scene 5) 
Frantic music for a chase (Scene 6)
Spooky music for a seance (Scene 8)
Fast Happy Music for a big finale dance (Scene 10)


Chewing gum cigarette
Sewing suppplies
2 identical briefcases
Mailbag & invitations
Jacks Newspaper
Feather duster
Watering can
Cheese tray
2 pairs of similar glasses
Rolling chair or wheelchair
Turkey on a platter
Baseball bat
Catcher's mitt
Antidote bottle
Fancy, oversize stationary
Sparkly top hat