Cindy and the Saddle Shoes

Cast Size – 12 principles, 15 smaller roles (can  be easily combined or expanded)

Running Time – 45 minutes

Price – $150.00



What do you get when you combine the well-loved fairy tale of Cinderella and set it in a 1950's  diner?  Cindy and the Saddle Shoes, of course!  The story revolves around Cindy Relish, a sweet hardworking girl who is terribly mistreated by her awful stepmother, diner owner Maybelline Relish, and her nasty daughters, Sharon, Shirley, and Maxine.  Throw in a leather-jacket clad gang of cool kids, a peppy cheer squad, some adorable nerds, and a famous Hollywood movie director, and you've got a goofy, joyous, heartwarming comedy that students will love to perform.

Cast Info

Main Roles:
Cindy Relish
Maybelline Relish
Sharon Relish
Shirley Relish
Maxine Relish
Mrs. McGillicuddy (Principal)
Patsy (the head cheerleader) Rocky Charming
Sylvester Cheesely
Milton O'Bradley
Kitty VonCool (Hollywood Movie Director)
Coach Charlene Cobb

Smaller Roles:
Cool Kids (Sparkplug, Fishface, Freddy, Buddy, Nancy Jo, Paulette) Cheerleaders (Becky, Candy, Susie, Tootsie, Marybeth, Patsy)
Nerds (Harvey, Florine) Francesca


Diner (interior) 
Street (exterior)
Nerd's Clubhouse (interior)

Music and Sound

Upbeat music (Act 2, Scene 1) 
Fast dance music (Act 2, Scene 1)


life preserver
plates w/ hamburgers (6)
nail repair kit
remote control invention
wonder robot invention
handwriting machine
hula hoop
glass ofbrown water
glass of lemonade
Dr. Pepper
saddle shoes